Note:  this section of the club website is in the process of undergoing significant changes.  Please contact Peter Thibodeau if you have questions on the PSA competitions.

The Cape Fear Camera Club (Club) is a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), an international club.  PSA conducts interclub photo competitions in seven divisions.  Cape Fear Camera Club (CFCC) now participates in three divisions - Nature, Projected Image(Open), and Photo Travel.  Starting with the 2019-2020 club year, each division will conduct three competitions.

CFCC uses three internal judges to select PSA competition entries from images submitted in response to a request for entries from the CFCC PSA Chairperson.  The judges are typically from the CFCC Master group and different judges are used for each competition.  Six images (from six different Club members) are submitted to PSA for each competition. You will be notified if one of your images has been selected as a entry for any PSA competition.  [Note that the same image will not be submitted to more that one division.  Additionally, prior Image of Distinction images will not be submitted to any PSA competition.  These rules precludes double entry and removes the potential for an image to be in Images of Distinction in two years.] 

PSA competitions for the 2014-15 Club year are as follows:

      Nature                            October 15, 2014

                                             January 15, 2015

                                             April 15, 2015

      Projected Image             November 1, 2014

                                             January 1, 2015

                                             March 1, 2015

                                             May 1, 2015

      Photo Travel                   November 15, 2014

                                             February 15, 2015

                                             May 15, 2015

PSA Image Scoring - Images in our competition group are scored by another PSA member club who have volunteered to score that competition.  The maximum possible score is 15. The top 20% of the scores are eligible for honors.  Once the 20% have been selected, the judges select approximately one half for "Honorable Mention", and one half for "Award".   Finally, from the "Awards" only, one image is selected as Best of Show.

The CFCC maker of any image receiving an Honorable Mention or Award will be notified and the ribbon awarded at a subsequent Club general meeting.  Additionally, all Club photos receiving an Honorable Mention or Award will be automatically included in our Club's Images of Distinction exhibit.  All PSA Honorable Mention and Award winning images for the previous three years will be displayed on the CFCC website starting with the 2018-2019 club year.

Following are links to the Divisions we are competing in.

        Nature Division - we are in group B, placing 8th out of 39 clubs in 2013-14. 

        Projected Image Division - we are in group D, placing 17th out of 25 clubs in 2013-14

        Photo Travel Division

Please refer any questions to our PSA Chair - Peter Thibodeau - by going to the Contact Us page under the Information tab.

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