The Cape Fear Camera Club has an active Mentoring Program for Club members  which was established in 2012.  The objective of this Mentoring Program is to provide a one-on-one resource for members who desire to improve their photography skills though a mentoring relationship with another Club member who is proficient in the skill(s) the member wishes to improve.  This program is meant for members with any level of skill.  We all started at the beginning.  But none of us are beyond learning something new.

Mentoring will be provided for the following types of skills.  Note that this is only a small subset of the possibilities.

How to get the most out your camera, i.e., camera operation

This could be as simple as learning

  • How to focus
  • How to hold you camera still
  • How to work with depth-of-field
  • Which camera mode should I use

Or as complex as

  • How to use "Live View" if your camera is so equipped
  • How to get the most out of the autofocus options

How to compose your picture

Learn to apply the rules of good composition

  • The Rule of Thirds
  • Leading lines
  • Get closer to your primary subject
  • Simplify by eliminating undesirable elements in your image

How to use other photographic tools


Remote triggers


  • Polarization filter
  • Neutral density filters
  • Split neutral density filter


  • On camera or off camera
  • Fill or main lighting

Evaluation of your photographs

What can you do to improve your results

  • Improve your composition

  • Know when to shoot

  • Learn to look for the light, it's all about capturing the light

    • What is the quality of the light
    • What direction is the light coming from and how to use it to enhance your image


To set up a mentoring relationship, please follow the instructions in "Setting Up a Mentoring Relationship."

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