View of CFCC's "Impressions of the Lower Cape Fear" exhibit at the Cape Fear Museum of History and Science



Approximately three exhibits are held during each CFCC season that may be thematic or contemplative displays. Below is a list of our annual exhibits, though it may change depending on venue schedules and opportunities that arise:

  • A themed exhibit – Themes vary from year to year and are usually displayed in the spring or summer.   *Open to all members.
  • An Open Exhibit- This forum allows our talented members to select from any of their images to be displayed and they are not restricted to a select year or theme.   *Open to all members.
  • Images of Distinction – This show comprises the end-of-year ribbon winners and debuts after the close of the club’s season in June.

Statement Regarding Previously Exhibited Images:  

Several times a year, the Cape Fear Camera Club provides its members with opportunities to exhibit their work in public venues and to be exposed to a larger audience. Club exhibitions also keep the community aware, engaged, and excited about the work CFCC is doing. Through the many facets of the club, members are encouraged to offer fresh alternatives, to challenge themselves by finding different ways of telling their stories, and to develop a personal vision.

In an effort to help each member increase his or her technical knowledge and grow artistically, the Exhibits Committee, in concert with the Competition and PSA Committees, has implemented the following policy:

With one exception, images that have been displayed in past exhibits will not be accepted for inclusion in future exhibits.  An image that has won a ribbon in a CFCC and/or PSA competition will not be excluded from the Images of Distinction exhibit if it has previously been shown in another club exhibition.  However, members are strongly encouraged to submit new and different images to future exhibits.


Images of Distinction Selection Process:

Each year, the Images of Distinction exhibit presents the best work of our Club.  The process for selection of these images is outlined below:
  • All Photographic Society of America (PSA) winners (Honorable Mention and above) for the competition year are automatically included in the Images of Distinction exhibit.
  • All internal club competition ribbon winners for the competition year are compiled and re-judged by an outside judge or judges selected by the Competition Committee.

- The top 20% of the Beginner/Intermediate group images are selected to be in the Images of Distinction exhibit.

- The top 20% of the Advanced group images are selected to be in the Images of Distinction exhibit.

                - The top 20% of the Master group images are selected to be in the Images of Distinction exhibit.

  • If any member has more than two (2) total eligible images per the above (PSA + internal competition) he/she may select the two (2) images  which will be hung in the Images of Distinction exhibit.   

Background on Images of Distinction: 

In 2010, the Images of Distinction exhibit was created by Jo Ann Tomaselli, Cape Fear Camera Club Exhibit Chair (2009-2012), as a means of recognizing exceptional club photographers. The annual show, held at various locations in and around Wilmington, takes place in the months following the close of the club season in June.

Throughout the CFCC season, six competitions are held and over 100 images receive ribbons for their outstanding photographic qualities.  For each competition, a guest photographer, educator, or artist critiques the images and then awards gold, blue, and red ribbons.  At the end of the season, the ribbon-winning images are sent to an outside judge for a final, end-of-year judging that results in a collection of the best photographs of the season (top 4% of the competition images for the year).

Additionally, CFCC participates in three different divisions of the Photographic Society of America’s (PSA) competitions: the Projected Imaging Division, the Nature Division and the Photo Travel Division.  PSA is a worldwide organization that provides diverse services promoting the art and science of photography as a means of image appreciation and cultural exchange.  Also included in the Images of Distinction exhibit are club member images awarded Honorable Mention or above in PSA competitions over the past season.


2019 -2020 Exhibits Committee:

Curtis Krueger - Chair

SaraGray Lamm

Phil Perry

Jo Ann Tomaselli

Karen Wiles


Contact Information:

If you have any questions or would like to join the Exhibits Committee, please contact our Exhibits Chair, Curtis Krueger at: 

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