Setting up a Mentoring Relationship

To set-up a Mentoring Relationship

  • Complete the Mentoring Request Form to the best of your ability.
    • This will help you focus on what you specifically want to focus on.
    • And it will help the Mentoring Chair arrange for a Mentor that is qualified to address your desires.
    • Please take care when performing this step as it improves the likelihood of success of the Mentor/Mentee relationship
  • Forward the completed Mentoring Request Form (AND the Skills and Equipment Database Questionnaire, if you have not already done so) to the Mentoring Chair, Vicki Kohler.  The Mentoring Chair will line up a Mentor and provide contact information so that the relationship can be initiated.
  • Alternately, hand the completed Form(s) to Mentoring Chair at a Club meeting.
  • If you are unable to complete the questionnaire and attach it to the email request or hand it to the Mentoring Chair at a Club meeting, answer all the questions on the questionnaire for yourself on paper. Then send an email to the Mentoring Chair at with your request for Mentoring assistance. You will be contacted to review your desires before the Mentoring Chair attempts to line up a Mentor.

What to Expect from a Mentoring Relationship

  • Mentees
    • It is expected that you have formed and communicated a clear specific objective.
    • Otherwise the Mentor will not know where to lead you.
    • It is expected that you have studied your camera manual. That is your responsibility.
    • However, if you are not clear on that information you should ask the Mentor for clarification.
    • State your questions/lack of understanding as clearly as possible. Don't expect your mentor to read your mind. Don't let a question go unasked.
    • Listen to your Mentor. If you don't understand the feedback ask again until it hangs together for you. (Until the Mentor understands your level of knowledge he/she may not be communicating at the proper level for instant understanding.)
    • Don't expect the Mentor to always just give you the answer to your question. They may ask you to do something that will lead you to the revelation that answers your question (and more). If your Mentor asks you to do something that seems non-germane to your needs, give it a try.
    • Take notes. Review and utilize the information learned until it is ingrained. o Treat your Mentor as a friend. Respect their time and effort. A mentoring relationship is a two way street. Success is just as dependent on your efforts, if not more so, than the Mentor's efforts. You have to put in the time. The Mentor is rewarded by seeing success in your efforts and progress.
  • Mentors
    • Require a clear objective from the Mentee. Ask them to clarify/state as specifically as possible what their objective for the relationship is.
    • Lead your Mentee to the answer, don't just give it to them. If they understand the background behind the answer, then the answer will be more meaningful and will have a foundation.
    • Probe to see that the Mentee actually understands and can apply the information you are providing. By doing this you will learn their level of understanding and be able speak to them at their level of understanding.
    • Don't read the camera manual for the Mentee. Ask them to find the answer and then discuss for clarification.
    • Don't talk down to your Mentee. I know you never would but... We were all at their stage at one point in time.
    • Be a friend. A mentoring relationship is a two way street. You will learn from the relationship also. It is great to see someone progress from your efforts.

General Comments

  • It is expected that the Mentee will first make contact with the assigned Mentor by phone to discuss the objectives of the relationship.
  • The relationship can then move forward on the path agreed by the parties.
    • When you meet you should again clarify the objectives. You can then move forward on any of several paths
      • Meet to review camera operation
      • Meet to shoot pictures
      • Meet to review your photos
      • Email your photos to the Mentor for his/her review and comment
      • Meet to learn how to mount prints
      • Others? I am sure there are.
  • The specific Mentor/Mentee relationship may last only one meeting or multiple meetings over an extended period. This is to be determined by the Mentor and Mentee jointly. If it's working, keep it going. If the objective is completed, it is done. If it is not working, agree to part and contact the Mentoring Committee for another Mentor.


Peter Oehl
Mentoring Chair


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