The Cape Fear Camera Club holds six internal photo competitions each Club year, three in the fall and three in the spring.  These competitions are broken into four digitally projected competitions and two, 16"x20" max size, print competitions.  Each competition is judged by a professional photographer or art educator, who is not a member of our Club, selected for their knowledge and expertise in the photographic medium.

While each photograph is scored and ribbons are awarded for the top photographs, the primary purpose of our competitions is the education of our members.  The judge provides his or her oral feedback as to the strengths and weakness of each photo and comments on how it might be improved prior to providing the final score.  This is all done without revealing whose photograph is being judged.  Only the names of the ribbon winners are revealed at the conclusion of the competition.

We encourage all members to participate.  Come and learn how to improve your photography with a group of your friends.




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