Competition Topics, Medium & Schedule

2016 - 2017 Club Year


Each competition will have an "Open" topic category and an "Assigned" topic category.  The "Assigned" topics for the 2016-17 club year are listed below.


Assigned Topic         Medium        Submittal Window            Competition Date*        Judge

Later                          Digital         9/25/17 thru 9/30/17         October 3, 2017             Later

Later                          Print           10/30/17 thru 11/4/17        November 7, 2017         Later

Later                          Digital         11/27/17 thru 12/2/17        December 5, 2017         Later

Later                          Digital         1/29/18 thru 2/3/18            February 6, 2018           Later

Later                          Print            2/26/18 thru 3/3/18            March 7, 2018               Later

Later                          Digital         3/26/18 thru 3/31/18           April 4, 2018                 Later



*  All competitions start promptly at 7:00 p.m.  All prints MUST be delivered no later than 6:45 p.m.


Location:      Cape Fear Community College                             

                    McLeod Building, Room S-002 (Ground Floor)                    

                    (Easiest entry is from the parking lot on the river side at the junction of Bldgs S and A -  see MAP )       

 Parking:  In the two parking lots (P) between the N/A/S and W complexes, with the club supplied parking pass, OR on the street

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